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Joon Maeng Shows Off 2013 Livery & Announces Nexen Tires as New Partner

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So Joon Maeng posted on his website yesterday showing off his new 2013 livery, the big news is that he announced he will be running on Nexen Tires and not Nitto like he has been in the previous season. Interesting news indeed. It’s good to see Joon got his car and sponsors together for the 2013 season after his trouble with Bergenholtz Racing in the 2012 season.

Club Loose 2013 Rules Released

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So the other day Club Loose released it’s 2013 rules (PDF below). In short the changes are very minor:
1) Under #1 of Driver Requirements they added that they recommend a SA2010 helmet, but still only require a minimum of SA2005.
2) Under #5 of Lighting and Electrical they added that if an OE key is not used on a car the kill switch not only needs to be accessible from the outside of the car like before, but it also needs to be clearly marked.
3) Under #1 of Body and Glass Club Loose is no longer fighting the battle against ugly drift cars.
4) At the bottom of the document, in the concluding paragraph, they have added that where there was previously no exceptions to any infractions resulting in not being able to participate the officials may now decide that if the infraction is minor and not a safety concern the driver can return to the pits to fix it and be reinspected.
Club Loose 2013 Rules PDF (Posted 2/26/13 – Please check for any updated rules)
So in conclusion very minor but important changes to the rules. We here at support Club Loose 120% for keeping drifting fun, off the streets and in a safe environment dedicated to reminding drivers what drifting is about. If you are in the area I highly suggest heading to one of the events, you can find out more about Club Loose at there site

Chelsea DeNofa Breaks In The E46 at XDC Texas

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Chelsea Posted this video of him at his first event in the new E46. I think the coolest parts about his videos is how he actually explains what is going on and not just random off topic comments. Can’t wait to see his back in this in 2013, although it sounds like the poor guy needs a tire sponsor badly.

Luke Lonberger Shares Why He Chooses Drifting

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This video was just posted a few hours ago by Beau Brigham where he took a trim to Thunderhill Raceway to interview and film Luke Lonberger in the Blu808 Corvette as it’s being retired. It was posted for sale a while ago, not sure if it was sold yet but it sounds like we may not see Luke this coming 2013 season, either way it’s an interesting short video and shares why Luke chooses drifting as his motorsport.

Conrad Grunewald Makes The Move to Megan Racing and Taka Aono Gains a Teammate

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Conrad Grunewald announced yesterday that he will be moving from BC Racing suspension to Megan Racing for his 2013 Formula D Camaro being built by BRE Motorsports. It also looks like Taka Aono will be moving to Hankook tires and sharing space and team support with Conrad at Conrad’s new full trailer in the padock.

Also here are some photos of Conrad’s new Camaro being built over at BRE. Caption on the Engine said it’s a Chevy COPO engine producing over 1000 HP, dunno how true that is or what it will be producing at the wheels by the end.