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Corey Hosford Officially Announces 2013 Partnership with Chris Forsberg Racing & MA Motorsports

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Only moments ago Corey Hosford officially announced that he and his Team KSport USA 350z will be officially partnered with Chris Forsberg Racing and MA Motorsports for the 2013 Formula D Series. This is a huge announcement for Hosford going into his second year in Formula D. Forsberg Racing will bring a vast assistance with technical knowledge and support for him and his 350z chassis. It looks like the z is already at MA Motorsports for some fab work and Chris Forsberg Racing will be revamping and prepping the car for this 2013 season. In addition CFR will be in transporting as sharing pit crews in the upcoming season.

First Look Under Tony Angelo’s New Hood

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About an hour ago Tony Angelo posted the below photo on Instagram which is the first view of the new 2AZ engine in his FR-S. It looks like he took some advice from his buddy Chris Forsberg and has it over at MA Motorsports to get the engine fit in.

Team Door Bangers Deliver a Pie Sideways

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So Mr. Chelsea DeNofa seems to have finally found a use for that BMW he built right after his crash at The Wall last season that totaled his previous BMW. Since DeNofa was picked up by Bergenholtz Racing and put into the Nitto RX-8 he never really got any FD time in this car. So here is Chelsea and Hertrech Eugene Jr. having some fun while delivering a pie.

Oh yea, also…

Sorry couldn’t help it.

Daigo’s 2013 Formula D Return confirmed by Achilles Radial livery contest

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Achilles Radial posted a contest on Facebook yesterday to ‘inspire’ the livery for there 2013 Formula D SC430 driven by 2012 champion Daigo Saito. Looks like we will see some more of his skills soon…


Tony Angelo Salvages Sandy Struck FR-S to Build for 2013 Season

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It looks like some big news yesterday and today for Tangelo Racing. Yesterday Tony announced the purchase of a new permanent home for Tangelo Racing that includes 7 bays and 4 lifts. And the even bigger news was that today he announced that he will be building a Scion FR-S for the 2013 season. Another thing that makes his FR-S special is that it is a salvage from Hurricane Sandy. He also hashtagged it saying 800hp so let’s wait and see what he has in store for this puppy. So far this is the 3rd official announcement of a driver to be using a BRZ/FR-S in the 2013 season. It’s also good to note that after his less than stellar return year to FD that it looks like Scion Racing is keeping him on board.