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Odi Bakchis Gives a Sneak Peak at New 2013 Livery

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Odi Bakchis posted some photos on his blog and instagram earlier this week showing off some new purple and green livery for the 2013 season. Some are torn on it but I think its actually a really nice share of purple and the green plays off of it well (sorry that’s the designer in me talking). Also gives us some insight into his 2013 Sponsors as it is a known fact that Team M7 Japan dropped Odi after the 2012 season. Rather it had to due with the crash in Las Vegas where Odi totaled his previous s14 is anyone’s guess, but we do know he put in a lot of time and labor to get a new s14 built for round 7 at Irwindale.

Anyway it looks like Odi is setting up for his best season yet in 2013, being only his 3rd year in Formula D, he continues to work with Nexen Tires, Feal Suspension (of course), Sikky Manufacturing, 702 Graphics, Battle Version, Torco, Dstroyr, Clutch Masters and looks to have added Nitrous Express. So best of luck to Odi, hope to see you in Atlanta and Palm Beach!