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A Perfect Storm – The Journey of Michael Essa Presented by Bilstein

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Bilstein released short video to recap Michael Essa’s championship 2013 season in Formula D, it’s a little neat to see his point of view during this season and winning the championship as a privateer. Despite how events went down at Irwindale and how the championship was won, winnings winning in the history books and no opinion will change that so lets enjoy this video.

Michael Essa is the 2013 Formula Drift Champion

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So Forsberg was knocked out by Daigo Saito in some unexplainable way in the Great 8. As Essa Qualified 1st and was gifted Top 16 points due to FD rulings and much controversy, Chris needed to finish in 1st or 2nd to take the championship. As he was just knocked out by Saito, Essa now the 2013 FD Champion.