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Miro Ovcharik Lands New Sponsor And Expands Into 2014

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The other day Miro Ovcharik took to Facebook to announce a new partnership with Standard Suspension. Standard Suspension will be sponsoring Miro for the remainder of this season and continue into the entire 2014 FD season equipping him with their R3 coilover system. This suspension setup is also currently in use by the 2012 DMCC champion Marc Landreville on his S14.

I met Miro briefly in Atlanta and Palm Beach this season and he definitely left an impression with his welcoming personality and his all out driving style. After looking into his program I gained a pretty high level of respect for him and hope this new partnership helps grow his program, take his career to the next level and finally break into the top 16.

Charles Ng Looks Likely To Return To Formula D in 2014

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Back in June Charles Ng reached out to Wrecked Magainze to talk about his recent podium at a CDC event in China and hint at a possible return to professional drifting.
About a month later rumors that he had purchased the LS7 powered Pontiac Solstice that Gardella Racing was selling that had previously been driven by Ryan Tuerck. Merit was given to these claims this past Friday when Charles brought the car out to a Sonoma Drift event to get some seat time in the Solstice. Charles did comment on an article about this showing saying that the Pontiac was purchased as a drift demo car for his new shop that he has opened stateside (I believe it’s Elite Performance located in Burlingame, CA). He said the car was fun and ran strong but was not a winning or competitive car by current FD standards.
Following these turn of events and comments from Charles Ng it now appears that Charles has reached out to Wrecked Magazine again to unveil some build photos for his new drift car, an LS3 powered Infiniti G37.
So it looks like Charles is poised for a 2014 FD return after taking a hiatus in 2011 to focus on his WTCC career with BMW.

Photos via Wrecked Magazine

Joon Maeng Shows Off 2013 Livery & Announces Nexen Tires as New Partner

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So Joon Maeng posted on his website yesterday showing off his new 2013 livery, the big news is that he announced he will be running on Nexen Tires and not Nitto like he has been in the previous season. Interesting news indeed. It’s good to see Joon got his car and sponsors together for the 2013 season after his trouble with Bergenholtz Racing in the 2012 season.

Corey Hosford Goes Big….er Wide for 2013

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MA Motorsports LLC posted some pictures this week of the rebuild on Corey Hosford’s KSport 350z for the 2013 season. Now that he’s on board with Forsberg Racing and MA Motorsports the z is most likely going to have some major improvements including what looks to be a wide body to fit some fatter rubber under it. Hopefully the zombie returns though, we’ll see soon. Only a little over 2 months before Formula D Streets of Long Beach.

Watch Matt Farah Roast Some Hankook Tires in Corey Hosford’s 350z

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On this weeks episode of Tuned with Matt Farah he had on Corey Hosford and his supercharged LS3 350z (Before it headed off to MA Motorsports). Check out the video below to see Matt work on his drifting skills and destroy some Hankook tires in the process.