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Mad Mike Whiddett & Fredric Aasbo Show Awesome Skill at Gatebil

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Gatebil took place over this weekend and normally I wouldn’t really share much about it because it’s a bit of out of our reach, being over in Europe, but this awesome video of Mike Whiddett and Fredric Aasbo doing some random tandem drifting at Gatebil has surfaced and I just had to share it. When rounding a corner they look to have caught up unexpectedly with a BMW that was having a lap ahead of them, but instead of calling it off they both -without hesitation- split the sides and drift around the BMW without skipping a beat. I was so impressed I had to share it, hope you are too, enjoy.

Mad Mike Goes Crazy On The Crown

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So earleir this week Mad Mike Whiddett, the crazy new zealander released a video of him in the mind blowing quad turbo MADBUL RX-7 drifting through 47 corners over 10.4km of road and up through 1076 meters of elevation with a just awe-inspiring performance at The Crown Range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I personally love how that monstronsity of a car spits fire nearly the entire time and how its a battle to even get traction for him at the start. The ability to control such a beast is just… It leaves me speechless really. He also yesterday released the behind the scenes footage/making of this video which is a pretty cool short itself.

Anyway mad props and respect to Mad Mike Whiddett for this great video.