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See the Awesome RS-R NASCAR TRD v8 Powered Toyota GT86

Posted by: on has released a full video today of the RS-R’s new NASCAR TRD v8 Powered Toyota GT86/FR-S/BRZ being shaken down and tweaked at the Suzuka Circuit over in Japan and it’s just…wow… I don’t think the proper adjectives have been created to describe this beast. The engine itself is so massive and the GT-86 is so small it is amazing to even see it fit let alone function as well as it does. The car will primarily be driven by Max Orido in the Formula D Asia series, but Fredric Aasbo will also share some of the driving for this crazy GT-86 in that series as well.

The NASCAR TRD v8 has is a 5.8 liter and has had low RPM crackshaft swapped into it and produces 750hp and has a dry slump lubrication system. A lot of the fluids have been moved for weight distribution and the gearbox is a 6speed Hollinger sequential Y pattern. They also have fitted a NASCAR spec quick diff changer and the car is dressed up with a Rocket Bunny Aero kit. They say in the video that the car was built with the purpose of exciting spectators and I think it will do that when the car is just turned on let alone drifted. So without further ado check it out here.

Video of the RS-R NASCAR v8 Powered Toyota FT-86

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A little while ago Fredric Aasbo posted this jewel on YouTube. although it’s not long it sounds pretty sick.

NASCAR V8 Powered FR-S Heading to Formula D Asia

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So after the 2012 Formula D season it was said that RS-R would not be returning to Formula D, I guess that meant just to the US Formula D because yesterday Fredric Aasbo Instagrammed that he was at Suzuki Twin Circuit in Japan testing RS-R’s latest creation a Toyota TRD NASCAR V8 powered Scion FR-S for the Formula D Asia season. He will be sharing this car with Max Orido for the Asia series. The car is stated to put out 700+hp. This should be crazy to see sideways given the power to weight….