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Red Bull Unleashes Two Pro Drifters on China’s Tianmenshan Mountain

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Red Bull has funded another drifting video, this time with the likes of not one, but TWO professional drifters. Although not Formula D competitors these guys are still not messing around and give us plenty to watch. This video takes place up Tianmen Mountain in China and has just under 100 different turns. Each one of those turns gets torn up by a Toyota Supra driven by Hong Kong’s James Tang and a Lexus SC300 piloted by Italies Federico Sceriffo, so sit back and enjoy…

Mad Mike Goes Crazy On The Crown

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So earleir this week Mad Mike Whiddett, the crazy new zealander released a video of him in the mind blowing quad turbo MADBUL RX-7 drifting through 47 corners over 10.4km of road and up through 1076 meters of elevation with a just awe-inspiring performance at The Crown Range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I personally love how that monstronsity of a car spits fire nearly the entire time and how its a battle to even get traction for him at the start. The ability to control such a beast is just… It leaves me speechless really. He also yesterday released the behind the scenes footage/making of this video which is a pretty cool short itself.

Anyway mad props and respect to Mad Mike Whiddett for this great video.

What will be of Formula D in 2013 – Rhys Millen

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Rhys-MillenRhys Millen had a slow start to the 2012 season but with experience, aggression and consistency in his corner mounted a late season comeback to take 3rd place in the overall points game. In addition Rhys also drove his same Formula D Hyundai Genesis to set a Pikes Peak hill climb record. However in what may have been some of the biggest Motorsports news this season was when Hyundai announced that they were pulling out from North America Motorsports leaving Rhys without a 2013 title sponsor for Formula D and Rally. After this news Rhys did put his 2 Rallycross cars up for sale, but not his FD Genesis. Now I’ve been doing my best to keep up with Rhys and see if there is any news on his 2013 season but all that has been said is the Grandfather of drift still feels he has some fight in him, which the 2012 season shows. Now Hyundai has announced they will return to Pikes Peak but no mention of Formula D at all. I personally thought that an OEM would reach out and try to pick up Rhys being such a big name and successful driver and with the new BRZ and Viper coming out I thought we may see one of them picking him up but no news in the least. The only thing I can think of is to see Red Bull making a larger push into FD and handling Rhys’ title sponsorship. The only sure thing is that in about 3 months we will see Rhys drifting one way or another.