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Chris Jeanneret’s Made to Drift Episode 2 – Turbo Honda S2000 Chassis & Aero Modifications

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Chris Jeanneret Reveals Plans for 2014 Formula D Turbo S2000

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As we previously mentioned, Chris Jeanneret announced a couple weeks ago that he will be piloting a Turbocharged K24 powered Honda S2000 built by SpeedFactory Racing. So without further abdue we’ll just let Chris explain what he has in store.

Chris Jeanneret To Pilot Turbo S2000 In Formula D 2014

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The last time we saw Chris Jeanneret was upside down in his s14 at round 7 of Formula D in 2013 at Irwindale, well today we hear a big announcement from Speed Factory Racing out in Tacoma, WA. It looks like they have teamed up with Chris Jeanneret Racing to build a one of a kind Honda s2000 drift machine. The vehicle will be powered by a turbocharged K24 engine and estimated to put out 800hp and 700tq.

This should be an interesting build to see, there have only been two other s2000s in Formula D, and none at all since Stephan Papadakis hung up his helmet to run Tanner Foust’s program. I personally look forward to see what they have in store for the Honda lovers in the drift community.