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JR Hildebrand Logging Additional Seat Time Before Texas

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It seems that JR Hildebrand took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend and headed out to Sonoma Raceway to get some seat time in the Tyler McQuarrie Racing Mobile 1/GoPro/Hankook Chevrolet Camaro. Hopefully the additional seat time can help him place a little better than he did in Seattle.

Conrad Grunewald Shares Jr Hildebrand Testing

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Conrad Grunewald uploaded this video the other day of JR Hildebrand testing at Sonoma Raceway in the Camaro that Tyler McQuarrie is fielding. Looks like this chassis is actually Conrad’s old one from previous seasons.

Rookie Eugene Kretschmer might not make debut

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Eugene Kretschmer was ready to make his Formula Drift rookie debut at Round 5 Evergreen Speedway, but it seems that last night at a Sonoma Drift event he made contact with a wall. He has a lot of work ahead of him if he is still going to try to make it to Evergreen.