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The Mind Behind the Porsche 911 GT3

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This is a neat video that gives you a little insight into the mind of Andreas Preuninger who lead the team responsible for making the latest GT3 at Porsche.

MotorTrend Returns With a 3rd World’s Greatest Drag Race

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I personally am a little giddy about the winner, but I won’t spoil it, it’s always a little fun to watch close to 2 million dollars rocket down an air strip.

Scion FR-S / Toyota FT-86 Convertible Spotted in South Africa

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A member of spotted this Scion FR-S/Toyota FT-86 down in Cape Town, South Africa. Toyota was just recently teasing the ‘possibility’ of an unveiling of a FT Open within the next month and now this. Doesn’t look too shabby, with the popularity of the FR-S/BRZ in Formula D is it possible we may get some more verts back in the lineup?

Daigo’s 2013 Formula D Return confirmed by Achilles Radial livery contest

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Achilles Radial posted a contest on Facebook yesterday to ‘inspire’ the livery for there 2013 Formula D SC430 driven by 2012 champion Daigo Saito. Looks like we will see some more of his skills soon…


Ken Block announces new HQ & Team name: Hoonigan Racing Division

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Here are the pictures of the HQ, looks pretty awesome. It also looks like the ‘Team’ section on the new site is not done yet so maybe we’ll see some familiar drifters gracing its pages soon. Tomorrow he drops some new livery, lets see what he has in store….