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Ford Going Big in Motorsports for 2013

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Yesterday at the Chicago Auto Show Ford made two large announcements related to GRC (Global RallyCross Championship).

First they introduced the new 2013 Ford Fiesta ST Global RallyCross Championship Race Car based off the new Ford Fiesta ST. Built by Swedish based OlsbergsMSE (Olsberg Motor Sports Evolution), the team who backed Tanner Foust in his two consecutive GRC championships. From what we can gather, as Ford has not released official specs/details, the Fiesta ST GRC edition will be available in only the 5-door hatchback body and sport a 2.0 liter Ford twin-cam Duratech four cylinder with custom head, Magnaflow exhaust, large Garrett turbo setup, Eibach springs, Alcon breaks, 17in Motegis, hydraulic handbreaking system, and be completely gutted and caged for safety standards. This combination is good for 550+ HP, 590+ TQ and a 0-60 speed of just 2 seconds flat.

The 2013 Ford Fiest ST GRC edition will be piloted in the 2013 GRC season by Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan. Ken Block is expected to also be piloting a 2013 Ford Fiest ST GRC and will reveal his car later this year.

This also means that Foust and Deegan’s previous GRC cars are currently up for grabs over at OlsbergsMSE website.

In addition to this already large announcement for Ford and the GRC, it was announced that Ford will be the sole automotive sponsor for the four 2013 summer X Games with RallyCross events in LA, Brazil, Spain and Germany. This is on top of Ford signing up to be an official sponsor of Formula D in 2013. Looks like Ford is taking a huge interest in some of the more wild motorsports series.

Ken Block announces new HQ & Team name: Hoonigan Racing Division

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Here are the pictures of the HQ, looks pretty awesome. It also looks like the ‘Team’ section on the new site is not done yet so maybe we’ll see some familiar drifters gracing its pages soon. Tomorrow he drops some new livery, lets see what he has in store….

Taylor Morris, The Drifting Quad Amputee

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So without doubt if you are here you’ve seen the video of Taylor Morris, the Navy officer who served in Afganistan and due to an IED was made a quad amputee drifting a Mazda 6. If not check it here:

Either way his goal with the video and internet campaign was to get a ride along with Ken Block, and today Ken responded on Facebook offering to take him along when he practices for the 100 Acre Woods Rally in late Feb, here’s the post he put up today.