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Tuerck’d Drifts Vegas

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The latest Episode of Tuerck’d comes to us from out in Las Vegas while he’s at SEMA and some of the fun he had out there.

Preview Danny George’s Latest Sponsor, Maybe a Hint At The Future?

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So a little over a month ago Danny George took to facebook asking fans to mix and match a couple STR Racing rims in different colors and designs to his miata. He also mentions in another post about a possible signature wheel idea.
A little bit of time passes and on August 31st Danny posted on Facebook “Title Sponsor for 2014…. Check”. Later that same day me has another post talking about some wider Hankook 225s on 15″ tires and how they would fit nicely on those new 15×10 wheels they are working on.
Now today he posted this picture of his Miata being loaded for Formula D Round 6 in Texas.


Now there has been no official word as of yet, and this is complete speculation as of now, but I do remember when the design Danny George’s Livery contest was being held there was mention of keeping the hood open for any title sponsor that may want to jump on board.
Will 2+2=4? Only Time will tell, either way it’s great to see some sponsors finally jumping on to the Bearded Bandwagon and powering Danny George forward in his Drifting Career.
P.S. We over here at Shift-Therapy may have a little surprise for you Danny George fans in the upcoming months, If you follow Danny on Instagram (@whosdannygeorge) you may have seen a preview of it already, but if not stay tuned, it may help explain why the site’s been a little sparse on updates as of late.

Chris Jeanneret Seattle Montage by LORENinHD

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Chris Jeanneret Turns A 180 For Formula D Rookie Debut At Round 5 Seattle

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If you remember an article I posted back in May, Chris Jeanneret with a heavy heart called his 2013 rookie Formula D season quits after a bunch of trouble with the car and getting his program going.
But it looks like after some footwork and behind the scenes magic he announced a few days ago that he would in fact be able to make his Formula D rookie year after joining forging a new partnership with long time drag racer Luc English and his English Racing team. English racing will be running the engine portion of Chris program and put in a new LS6 motor with some upgraded internals into the STR Wheels S14 which looks to be good for upwards of 500hp. So it looks like good news for Chris and we wish him good luck at Round 5 in Seattle.

Chris Jeanneret heads to Formula D in 2013

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After placing 2nd overall in the 2011 Evergreen series and earning his Formula D license and spending 2012 lining up his sponsors Chris Jeanneret has announced he will be competing in the 2013 in an S14 with a title sponsor of STR Wheels. Other sponsors include Falken Tire, CNC Autosports, RyWire, Advanced Induction, TEIN, SPL Parts, Weddle Industries, Wiseco Pistons/K1 Rods,, Factory83, Diversity Law and Mark II Collision Center. You can follow Chris on his Facebook page over at