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Tuerck’d – Trouble in NYC

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Formula D Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway Video Round-Up

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So today is the pre-big day… yea, not sure where I was headed with that, but today is Qualifying for Formula D Round 6 in Texas at Texas Motor Speedway. New location, new track, new layout, new fun, new videos!
Drivers are reporting entry speeds in the high 90s to the low 100s. Early in the day the highest entry was 101mph by Robbie Nishida in his Achilles Radial 2jz powered Lexus SC300, and by last night we saw posts on Facebook saying that D-MAC, Darren McNamara, had an entry of 104mph in his Falken Tire v8 powered Nissan S14.
Another big thing that is causing a lot of commotion is the insane temperatures on the track. Outside temperatures were in the high 90s to low 100s. One driver, Mats Baribeau, reported that outside temp was 39c(102.2f), pavement temp was 58c(136.4f), and the floor temp under the pedals in his Gold In The Net Drift JZX90 was 80c(176f)! I can’t imagine how these drivers are feeling after a single day of practice at the track, let alone how they will be come Sunday when all is said in done. Some drivers were even posting pictures of there NOS tanks on ice in prep for tomorrow.
Anyway without further a due, here are some of the videos posted yesterday and circling the interwebs.
Chris Forsberg testing the track for Formula D Officials (video via

Matt Field giving us some of his opinion on the track (video via
Frederic Aasbo laying some tire to the new track(video via

More random assorted videos featuring Vaughn Gittin Jr, Matt Field, Tyler McQuarrie, Justin ‘JTP’ Pawlak, Matt Powers, Tony Angelo, Forrest Wang, Dai Yoshihara, and Corey Hosford. (videos via respective Instagrams & Facebook)

Formula D Insider Episode 11

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FD Insider episode 11 dropped last week and I really didn’t get around to it because I’ve been out of commission sick and it really didn’t feel like it said much since there hasn’t really been an event since Seattle. Anyway they did give a brief look at the track for Texas coming up this weekend(even though there have been pics already), but anyway here it goes mario.

Meet the Achilles Radial Team & See What Makes Them Run

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The Achilles Radial team released the following video yesterday giving a brief insight into their FD US Team and Bridges Racing. I think for a small clip it gives a great insight on what this team feels is important and necessary to run such a successful program with not only one but three(I believe it is 3 as I know they have been helping Dean Kearney for sure, but I have seen them with Walker Wilkerson’s car in the pits but I think that is due to the Achilles Sponsorship mainly) cars to run per event. I also think it’s great to show the team and how they feel about the program and drivers and not just focus on the drivers. Great small video.

Tuerck’d Slide Ride : Moving Target Drifting

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The latest episode of Tuerck’d hits us today with their second attempt at the Slide Ride, but lucky for us this attempt is much more successful, checkout the entire Drift Alliance Crew of Tony Angelo, Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin, and Ryan Tuerck show off the precision they hold behind the wheel in their missles tearing it up and tapping dat rail!