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Matt Powers Ditching LS7 for 2013 Season

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Matt Powers just posted a photo on Facebook of a naked engine bay in his S14 saying “This thing ripped and served me well, but was starting to get in the way of victory!” MattPowersNakedS14 He continued in the comments by confirming he is keeping the chassis and ditching the engine. So what next? SR20DET? Or are they going to go extreme like the BenSopra 380SX that was just shown at TAS? VQ38 S14 drifting would be an interesting thing to see. Looks like we all will have to wait and find out.

Update 1-18-2013 – Later in the night Matt posted in the comments that he is going to just put in another LS but “a more built one” so it looks like any interesting combos is out of the idea for his s14.

What will be of Formula D in 2013 – Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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Vaughn-GittinEntering the 2012 season many were unsure of what Vaughn Gittin would be able to do, after winning the 2010 Formula D championship his 2011 follow up season ended with a lackluster 11th place. His first race in 2012 Vaughn showed up with his new Falken Tires & Monster Energy 2013 Ford RTR Mustang with some stunning livery and he looked like he was ready to take another run at the title. He qualified 3rd at round 1 but then amazingly gifted Odi Bakchis a win in his first match and fell out in the top 32. Vaughn Gittin Fans were not quite sure what to expect when he had a similar performance at Road Atlanta and was knocked out in the top 16. Round 3 was slightly better qualifying first, but falling out in the top 8th. But then come round 4 and 5 it seemed like the old JR was back with a new hunger taking back to back wins and putting him in the running for the championship. Vaughn placed 3rd in Vegas and was in 1st place in overall points entering Irwindale. It seemed like Vaughn had worked everything out in his RTR and wanted that 2nd Formula D Championship badly. Then in the top 8 after a pretty conservative run he unexpectedly spun out while chasing Patrick Mordaunt. All Vaughn could do was sit back and watch where he stood when all the smoke settled. In the end of 2012 Gittin finished in a very respectful 2nd place in overall points.
Now looking forward to the 2013 season with word that ASD & Falken tires were going to be splitting ways it was no surprise, at least in my opinion, when Vaughn Gittin Jr announced that in 2013 he would be partnering with Nitto Tires. With this news, the fact that Ford is now an official partner and Vaughn growing his RTR brand with them there really isn’t much to wonder about how Vaughn looks going into the 2013 season, the only things we have to look forward to is an obvious new livery now that the famous Falken scallops will not be gracing the car and how the new Nitto tires will effect his performance. Will the Nittos be enough to give JR that little bit extra to take his 2nd Formula D championship? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

Odi Bakchis signs Nexen Tires as Title Sponsor in 2013

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It looks like after a rough end to his second year in Formula D Odi Bakchis has some great news. It looks like M7 Japan is out as his title sponsor and Nexen Tires has stepped up to be the title sponsor for his car in 2013. Many followed Odi’s struggle after wrecking his car at Formula D Las Vegas Practice and trying to race to get a vehicle ready for the top 32. He did, but in the end was knocked out by Robbie Nishida in the first round. He then ended up missing Irwindale and still finished in 16th in the season. Hopefully this new partnership will be enough to give Odi the edge to throw it in further, faster and harder this season and get a podium.

Watch Ryan Tuerk drift a skate park

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Today Network-A released the latest video of Ryan Tuerck’s Webshow called Tuerck’d in which he drifts a skate park, check it out.

Vaughn Gittin signs 2013 deal with Nitto Tires

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Today it was officially announced that Vaughn Gittin Jr. will not be partnering with Falken Tires in the 2013 season and has formed a new partnership with Nitto Tires. Rumors began to circulate during the 2012 SEMA show in which Vaugh was not listed on the drivers list and began to fly even more-so when Falken Tires removed him from the drivers list on the website. This is a very interesting turn of events as Vaugh has been driving on Falken tires since 2004 and they were his first major sponsor. This will also be the first season since that he has driven on any other manufacturers tires. Will this give JR the little bit of an extra edge in the 2013 season that he was missing in 2012? We’ll see I guess….
Here is an excerpt from the release on
From Vaughn: “I am pumped to be working with Nitto Tire! As I enter this new chapter of my career, it feels great to be aligned with a brand that is committed to winning and progression, just as I am. I have always been focused on working just as hard off the track as I do on it, and Nitto’s innovative marketing efforts and awesome tires will compliment that well. It is very clear that our overall passion and future goals align perfectly, and I could not be happier with what the future has to offer surrounding this partnership.”