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Gran Turismo 6 Concept Movie – Scheduled For 2013 Release

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So yesterday this video was released and it was announced that we will be getting a GT6, and it will be for the PS3. Along with this news this heavenly video was released, and as most we were left in awe. It is expected to be released for the 2013 holiday season and to help kick off GT Academy 2013. The current game roster is said to include 1,200 cars, 33 locations, and 71 track layouts.

JTP Walks Us Through Round 2 Road Atlanta

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Formula Drift Atlanta Controversy

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So I was able to make it up to Atlanta this weekend for Round 2 of Formula D, and I have hundreds of photos to sift through and started writing the recap but after working on the site latency and the 12 hour drive back yesterday I’m still a little winded. So that will wait, in the meantime I will say that I feel that I was extremely lucky to be there for 2 really controversial events that I feel will not be forgotten anytime soon.

First was the race between Danny George and Ryan Tuerck, both drivers I am really fond of and was rooting for, I went into this match thinking that the new 2JZ FR-S was going to just be a monster and pull but it didn’t and Danny did an amazing job on his lead run. The trouble started right off the bat on Tuerck’s lead run where Ryan claimed that Danny hit in and caused the spin and the judges (after a long review) awarded Tuerck the win. It seems now that more video is being released, this one by LORENinHD, that seems to show a different angle.

The other monsterous(you’ll get it in a second) event was when Vaughn Gittin JR seemed to forget he was following another car and powered over the front of Fredric Aasbo’s tC. When it first happened my jaw dropped but then to see both drivers continue the run was amazing, not a single person was sitting. They ended up going OMT for an unknown reason and giving Gittin the win, but it was an amazing match.

Neither of the results from these matches were favored by the crowd and it was loud and clear to everyone there, I have never heard a FD crowd boo as loud as when Tuerck was announced the winner or when Gittin moved on. So check back tomorrow for a full recap but there are two of the most talked about events as of right now. The other things that I’ll go into more detail in the recap was the amazing run Forrest Wang dropped vs Daigo Saito as well as the qualifying results disaster than left a lot of people confused going into Top32.

Site Latency After Atlanta

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We are aware of intermittent issues with some of the driver pages and the drivers list page. This is due to the incredible response we received after attending Formula D Atlanta and the amount of traffic. We will be looking at resolving this over the next couple of days if not today, Thank you very much for the warm response and understanding.

Formula D – Round 2 – Atlanta – Qualifying Results

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Hey all, just got home from the track and it was an absolutely awesome day, handed out a bunch of stickers(have more for tomorrow) and got to share the site. Anyway what you are here for, the top 32 match-ups tomorrow and qualifying results.

Aasbo (1st) vs Walker Wilkerson (32nd) Kenny Moen (16th) vs Robbie Nishida (17th) Matt Field (8th) vs Chris Ward (25th) Vaughn Gittin Jr (9th) vs Dave Briggs (24th) Denofa (4th) vs Joon Maeng (29th) Jeff Jones (13th) vs Kyle Mohan (20th) Daigo Saito (5th) vs Pat Mordaunt (28th) Forrest Wang (17th) vs Miro Ovcharik (21st) Mike Essa (2nd) vs Corey Hosford (31st) Dai Yoshihara (15th) vs Conrad Grunewald (18th) Matt Powers (7th) vs Will Parsons (26th) Chris Forsberg (10th) vs Taka Aono (23rd) Justin Pawlak (3rd) vs Pat Goodin (30th) Danny George (14th) vs Ryan Tuerck (19th) Darren McNamara (6th) vs Nate Hamilton (27th) Odi Bakchis (11st) vs Toshiki Yoshioka (22nd)

Now there seems to be some issues that haven’t been released yet that caused some changing in positions during the drivers meeting and these are what I seem to find being the final information, however according to what Was initially heard during live stream I didn’t expect to see Wilkerson or Hosford and instead see Jeremy Lo and Brandon Witnick, but I’m sure we will find out soon enough. Either way check us out on Instagram @ShiftTherapy for lots of photos at the event