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Kenny Moen Brings New Supra to FD Atlanta

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So it looks like Kenny Moen brought a Supra to FD Atlanta, think he’ll drive it after the hard hit at Long Beach? We’ll see soon.

Hosford4Hoonigan? You Decide

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Corey Hosford is at it again with DriftIdiot for his latest … I’m not even sure what this should be called, all I know is when I watched this I couldn’t decided rather to laugh or cry… so I did both. So check it and let [HOONIGAN] know what you think, #Hosford4Hoonigan

Mad Mike Goes Crazy On The Crown

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So earleir this week Mad Mike Whiddett, the crazy new zealander released a video of him in the mind blowing quad turbo MADBUL RX-7 drifting through 47 corners over 10.4km of road and up through 1076 meters of elevation with a just awe-inspiring performance at The Crown Range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I personally love how that monstronsity of a car spits fire nearly the entire time and how its a battle to even get traction for him at the start. The ability to control such a beast is just… It leaves me speechless really. He also yesterday released the behind the scenes footage/making of this video which is a pretty cool short itself.

Anyway mad props and respect to Mad Mike Whiddett for this great video.

The Big Reveal – Formula D Driver Profiles & Stats!

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Let me start this off by thanking anyone who has stuck by and kept coming to the site over the last two months while content was stale. That time is about to come to an end.

I never really made it known, but one of the main reasons was brought back to life and turned into a site/blog dedicated to Drifting (and some automotive news) was that as a Drift fan I found myself wanting to know a lot more information about the drivers and about the past events. Things like who has raced who, when did Racer X have the best season, what is the highest he has qualified, and that kind of information. Although there are a few sites that have some information, and others that try to keep up with coverage I just couldn’t find one place that gave me the ability to follow drivers histories and find out more about them. And that is what I hope to provide with this site/blog as of right now.
Previously I had posted a few driver profiles, but to be honest they weren’t what I wanted them to be; I wanted more. I wanted to be able to keep these profiles and information current and up to date, to provide more statistics and more information. So, I went back to the drawing board and started thinking, and sketching, and laying out, and planning, and drinking at some points when I got frustrated. I finally decided the only way to do this was to create a database of drivers, driver information, events, matches, races, histories, podiums, everything I could find and everything I wanted to know at one point or another. So, after almost two months of watching replayed drifting footage and streams, reading articles and sites – gathering information from anywhere I could find it and verify it, I now have that database and information and am bringing it here, to you!
Below you can see some screenshots of the profiles or you can go to the navigation in the top right of the site and go the profile pages. Now, this is just the beginning. My goal is to keep up with the statistics and data from events, but as time goes on I will will also work on adding more to sections the profiles: maybe drivers history, car information, past cars, who knows, anything I can find that you would want to know about – I will do my best to evolve these profiles to contain. And for the record, I am not just doing active drivers, I have information from every FD USA event there has been and am just trying to find the best way to integrate retired or inactive drivers so expect those in the upcoming months as well.
I hope that you enjoy the profiles and find them awesome and keep coming back. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you want to see next.