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Chris Forsberg & Ryan Tuerck Announce New Network A Series

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Today Chris Forsberg & Ryan Tuerck posted this video announcing and previewing a new show to debut January 20th on Network A called Drift Garage. Chris & Ryan will teach us how we can start drifting and build your own drift car for under $5,000. I can’t wait to see what’s in store and what shenanigans will ensue.

Tuerck’d Drifts Vegas

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The latest Episode of Tuerck’d comes to us from out in Las Vegas while he’s at SEMA and some of the fun he had out there.

Chris Forsberg Racing’s Not Going To Miss A Beat!

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After some disheartening news last week that NOS Energy was pulling the plug on it’s title sponsorship for Chris Forsberg and his 370z after taking it’s leave as Formula D title sponsorship at the end of the 2011 season, I reached out to a friend of the CFR team. After I got confirmation that the news was indeed true and I cried like a little girl who just got her teddy taken away, I was assured that the team is working hard on a new title sponsor and although nothing has been finalized, as they had wanted prior to the NOS Energy news hitting the press, that a couple possible sponsors were already in the works. Not wanting to press my luck with the insider I left it at that and went about my business.

Since then over the weekend we saw Chris Forsberg on Facebook sharing some pictures of a new angle kit being made for his 370z by Voodoo13. We also saw a similar post on FB by CFR sponsored driver Corey Hosford on the 1st showing a part from Voodoo13 and a one liner saying “Big things happening in Arizona! Watch out!”.

Now there isn’t much information on Voodoo13’s Facebook and there site has not launched yet, so I wouldn’t expect to see them as a title sponsor, but it does show that development in the off-season of the 370 is moving forward as well as confirm that the z looks to be owned by CFR and not going the way of the dodo bird, like NOS Energy.

We here at Shift-Therapy wish CFR, MA-Motorworks, Chris and the whole team nothing but luck w/ a new title sponsor, although we have little doubt he will have trouble with his winning history and wall of FD carbon fiber at home.

2013 Formula Drift Awards

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So last night Formula D held it’s annual end of the season banquet and handed out it’s awards. This year, as we all know, was special as it was Formula D’s 10th anniversary and therefor it had some special awards as well.

The normal awards for the season and who took them home are… • Ace of the Year – Chris Forsberg • Top Gun of the Year – Daigo Saito • Top Qualifier of the Year – Vaughn Gittin Jr • Most Improved Driver – Darren McNamara • Comeback of the Year – Michael Essa • Hardest Charging – Robbie Nishida • Manager of the Year – Michael Essa • Best Drifting Style – Daigo Saito • Best Personal Style – Matt Powers • Spirit of Drifting – Robbie Nishida • Fan Favorite Driver of the Year – Fredric Aasbo • Fan Favorite Car of the Year – Danny George • Crew Member of the Year – Shawn Hilliar & Aldo Villagran of Papadakis Racing

Now to mark the 10 year anniversary of Formula D a handful of ‘Decade’ awards were handed out, and here is what they are and who took them home… • Ace of the Decade – Vaughn Gittin Jr • Top Gun of the Decade – Daigo Saito • Best Qualifying Average of the Decade – Tanner Foust • Most Event Wins of the Decade – Samuel Hubinette

Michael Essa is the 2013 Formula Drift Champion

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So Forsberg was knocked out by Daigo Saito in some unexplainable way in the Great 8. As Essa Qualified 1st and was gifted Top 16 points due to FD rulings and much controversy, Chris needed to finish in 1st or 2nd to take the championship. As he was just knocked out by Saito, Essa now the 2013 FD Champion.