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In true [HOONIGAN] fashion Chris Forsberg just #ain’tcare

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for those of you who missed it, or just want to see it again, here is Chris Forsberg drifting without a door courtesy Darren McNamara at FDNJ.

Ride Shotgun With Chris Forsberg At Club Loose

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The guy in the passenger seat must have had a blast, and boy does he love to wave, but this video captures the spirit of Club Loose in my opinion. Just fun and driving and friends.

Chris Forsberg 2013 Formula D Livery Preview?

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Chris has been pretty active on instagram and Facebook lately and in a combination of pictures from MA Motorsports and a picture he put up today of a dyno pull it looks like we can get an idea of the new livery maybe? Either way we’ll see come Monday as his official livery release is April 1st… or is he screwing with us?

Stale, But Still Kicking. Shift-Therapy’s Alive & Has a Look At Our Upcoming Driver Profiles!

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I know the site hasn’t been posting much in the last couple weeks, but to be honest anyone who follows drift news knows that this is a sort of tight lipped time when people are holding onto big sponsor news and car releases until the technical inspection and the opportunity for big press. Also in my defense this is at the moment mostly a one man show and I do have a full time job, go to school part time and do some free lance graphic design work here and there. Either way, no excuse, the site is still here and kicking and I haven’t forgotten about you. To wet your appetite here is something that I am working on and hope to bring to you in the upcoming weeks. Here is a preview of the Formula D drivers profiles. driverProfilePreview Now the information in this preview isn’t verified vs the data i’ve been collecting for this project, but again it’s just to wet your appetite. I am planning for the initial batch to be the Drift Alliance brothers (Tony Angelo, Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Justin Pawlak and Ryan Tuerck).

I have been collecting driver statistics for all drivers qualifying events back as far as 2007 and podiums as early as 2005 in addition to working some math some places to figure out average qualifying score, how many events they have qualified for since the rookie year and even what track they have performed best at. Upon launch the profiles will be limited to the profile page itself but I am hoping to grow each drivers profile to include a History/Time Line, List of Cars that they currently drive and/or own both in Formula D and personally as well as previous cars from past seasons. I will at least have photos but hope to also include as much technical info as possible.

These driver profiles are what inspired me to bring back Shift-Therapy as drifting/automotive blog to form a single place people can find out as much about the drivers as possible and keep up on general news so I am really looking forward to launching this project. Also as Shift-Therapy is a small site I don’t have access to the drivers or information as some much larger blogs do so it’s a lot slower for me to have to collect data manually throughout the internet and videos, blogs and driver sites, photos and etc, BUT don’t count us out as we have gotten a lot more than we anticipated and are hoping to bring you the best place for Formula D driver info short of the drivers mouth itself.

So stick around, we are just tightening the bolts before we start shaking this puppy lose.

Corey Hosford Officially Announces 2013 Partnership with Chris Forsberg Racing & MA Motorsports

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Only moments ago Corey Hosford officially announced that he and his Team KSport USA 350z will be officially partnered with Chris Forsberg Racing and MA Motorsports for the 2013 Formula D Series. This is a huge announcement for Hosford going into his second year in Formula D. Forsberg Racing will bring a vast assistance with technical knowledge and support for him and his 350z chassis. It looks like the z is already at MA Motorsports for some fab work and Chris Forsberg Racing will be revamping and prepping the car for this 2013 season. In addition CFR will be in transporting as sharing pit crews in the upcoming season. hosford-forsberg2