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Dean Kearney Hits Wall at FD 2014 Media Day

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Dean ‘Karnage’ Kearney once again lives up to his nickname. Moments ago he posted the following image on Facebook after hitting a wall in his Viper at today’s FD Media day in Long Beach.

Here is what happened in his words:

“I over stepped the grip levels of the track before there was enough of a clean line lade down. Getting one rear tire on the marbles and paying the price with the wall. The guys are already working on fixing the frame and we have all but 1 left rear tail light.”


Danny George & Friends Episode 1

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LORENinHD brings us the first in a series of videos he will be producing with Danny George over the 2014 Formula D season. So without further ado, here is Danny George & Friends with the rush up to Long Beach.

PRIVATEER: Taka Aono + The Flying AE86 Documentary

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Chelsea DeNofa’s 2014 Formula D Livery

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Chris Jeanneret’s Made to Drift Episode 2 – Turbo Honda S2000 Chassis & Aero Modifications

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