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Tuerck’d Drifts Vegas

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The latest Episode of Tuerck’d comes to us from out in Las Vegas while he’s at SEMA and some of the fun he had out there.

Falken Motorsports Challenge You To Design Dai’s 2014 BRZ Livery

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The winning livery will be displayed during the entire 2014 Formula D series on Dai Yoshihara’s new Subaru BRZ. All submissions must be designed in Forza 5 and be posted on the Falken Tire Facebook page before January 31st, 2014. Full Rules can be seen over here at

Is This Ken Guishi’s 2014 Formula D Scion FR-S?

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The internet has been aflutter with photos and gossip about this Scion Series 10 FR-S built by GReddy USA and Scion Racing. The only thing we officially know is that the vehicle is Ken Guishi’s dream build and that it will be on display at SEMA this week.

The Series 10 FR-S is powered by a Toyota 2JZ and fitted with a slew of GReddy parts that would make even Dom and his overnight parts from Japan jealous. It is outfitted with the new (and unfortunately from the looks of it, soon to be played out) v2 Rocket Bunny kit. From the pictures below and many I’ve seen online we can also see it is fitted w/ Takata racing buckets and harness, Wilwood breaks, K&W Suspension, and some lightweight Ray’s Engineering shoes that are definitely too clean to drift on. Overall the car does look pretty awesome and based on how Ken piloted the previous twin-turbo FR-S GReddy had built with the original Toyubaru power plant, this FR-S should rock if it actually makes it to FD next year. What’s this we see on the tail? SR14-FD-ZN62JZ? Scion Racing 2014 Formula D ZN6 2JZ Perhaps? Maybe the rumors are true, we’ll have to wait and see.

Chris Forsberg Racing’s Not Going To Miss A Beat!

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After some disheartening news last week that NOS Energy was pulling the plug on it’s title sponsorship for Chris Forsberg and his 370z after taking it’s leave as Formula D title sponsorship at the end of the 2011 season, I reached out to a friend of the CFR team. After I got confirmation that the news was indeed true and I cried like a little girl who just got her teddy taken away, I was assured that the team is working hard on a new title sponsor and although nothing has been finalized, as they had wanted prior to the NOS Energy news hitting the press, that a couple possible sponsors were already in the works. Not wanting to press my luck with the insider I left it at that and went about my business.

Since then over the weekend we saw Chris Forsberg on Facebook sharing some pictures of a new angle kit being made for his 370z by Voodoo13. We also saw a similar post on FB by CFR sponsored driver Corey Hosford on the 1st showing a part from Voodoo13 and a one liner saying “Big things happening in Arizona! Watch out!”.

Now there isn’t much information on Voodoo13’s Facebook and there site has not launched yet, so I wouldn’t expect to see them as a title sponsor, but it does show that development in the off-season of the 370 is moving forward as well as confirm that the z looks to be owned by CFR and not going the way of the dodo bird, like NOS Energy.

We here at Shift-Therapy wish CFR, MA-Motorworks, Chris and the whole team nothing but luck w/ a new title sponsor, although we have little doubt he will have trouble with his winning history and wall of FD carbon fiber at home.

State of Stance brings us Formula D Irwindale: Title Fight

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