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Chris Forsberg Dream’s Like a Champion in New Clarion USA Short

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Chris Forsberg drifts his RB powered 280z in this short video for Clarion USA.

Chris Forsberg Breaks in The Driveshaft Shop’s New Warehouse

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Chris Forsberg was invited by The Driftshaft Shop to break in their new warehouse and he brought the VK56 powered M45 he build for demos and ride-alongs, the result is awesome and smokey.

Dave Brigg’s 2014 Formula D Livery

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Carl Rydquist’s 2014 Formula D Livery

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Carl Rydquist has not only teamed up with Road Race Engineering as a title sponsor for 2014, but it looks like he will be showing love for the late Paul Walker and Roger Rodas and support for Paul’s foundation Reach Out World Wide. That’s some pretty epic respect and sweet livery.


Vaughn Gittin Jr Jumps in Chris Forsbergs 280z to Answer Your Questions

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. joins Chris Forsberg in a new Q&A video following Chris’ Drift Garage series. They go over heating concerns in a missile, suspension setups on the 280z, Fox Body Mustangs, and the mother of all questions: How to become a pro drifter.