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Chris Mills Announces CX Racing as Title Sponsor For FD 2014

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Today it was announced that Chris Mills has signed CX Racing as his title sponsor for his Formula D 2014 rookie season. He will be piloting Otto Graven’s old 350z which is being rebuilt for him by Matt Field at his new shop Drift Cave next to Charles Ng’s G37 and Matt’s s14.


Drifters In Cars Answering Questions With Chris Forsberg

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Chris Forsberg takes a spin with Brian Wilkerson from MA Motorsports to answer some of the fans questions from the Drift Garage series.

Drift Garage Episode 4 – Steering Mods, Tire Upgrades & Getting Sideways

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Drift Garage Episode 3 – Welding The Diff, Installing Suspension & Safety

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Kenneth Moen Teams Up With Achilles Radial & Bridges Racing

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Earlier today it was announced that Kenneth Moen will be joining the current Achilles Radial & Bridges Racing for the 2014 season alongside their current roster of Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, and Dean Kearney.

This is big news for Moen as he was seen in a borrowed car at Irwindale to end the 2013 season after, rumor has it, Lutz Performance ran out of funding and pulled out of Formula D and possibly closed it’s doors.

Kenny will be piloting a new car built by San Bruno California based shop Limitless Motorsports. They will be building him a 2JZ powered Nissan 240sx s14 chassis expected to put out around 700hp.

Kenneth performed pretty well in a Z chassis last season that was pushing it’s life well past it’s use so it should be a great season for him in a new chassis with proper support.