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Mad Mike Whiddett & Fredric Aasbo Show Awesome Skill at Gatebil

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Gatebil took place over this weekend and normally I wouldn’t really share much about it because it’s a bit of out of our reach, being over in Europe, but this awesome video of Mike Whiddett and Fredric Aasbo doing some random tandem drifting at Gatebil has surfaced and I just had to share it. When rounding a corner they look to have caught up unexpectedly with a BMW that was having a lap ahead of them, but instead of calling it off they both -without hesitation- split the sides and drift around the BMW without skipping a beat. I was so impressed I had to share it, hope you are too, enjoy.

Kenny Moen Brings New Supra to FD Atlanta

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So it looks like Kenny Moen brought a Supra to FD Atlanta, think he’ll drive it after the hard hit at Long Beach? We’ll see soon.

See the Awesome RS-R NASCAR TRD v8 Powered Toyota GT86

Posted by: on has released a full video today of the RS-R’s new NASCAR TRD v8 Powered Toyota GT86/FR-S/BRZ being shaken down and tweaked at the Suzuka Circuit over in Japan and it’s just…wow… I don’t think the proper adjectives have been created to describe this beast. The engine itself is so massive and the GT-86 is so small it is amazing to even see it fit let alone function as well as it does. The car will primarily be driven by Max Orido in the Formula D Asia series, but Fredric Aasbo will also share some of the driving for this crazy GT-86 in that series as well.

The NASCAR TRD v8 has is a 5.8 liter and has had low RPM crackshaft swapped into it and produces 750hp and has a dry slump lubrication system. A lot of the fluids have been moved for weight distribution and the gearbox is a 6speed Hollinger sequential Y pattern. They also have fitted a NASCAR spec quick diff changer and the car is dressed up with a Rocket Bunny Aero kit. They say in the video that the car was built with the purpose of exciting spectators and I think it will do that when the car is just turned on let alone drifted. So without further ado check it out here.

Conrad Grunewald Makes The Move to Megan Racing and Taka Aono Gains a Teammate

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Conrad Grunewald announced yesterday that he will be moving from BC Racing suspension to Megan Racing for his 2013 Formula D Camaro being built by BRE Motorsports. It also looks like Taka Aono will be moving to Hankook tires and sharing space and team support with Conrad at Conrad’s new full trailer in the padock.

conrad-taka Also here are some photos of Conrad’s new Camaro being built over at BRE. Caption on the Engine said it’s a Chevy COPO engine producing over 1000 HP, dunno how true that is or what it will be producing at the wheels by the end.

Video of the RS-R NASCAR v8 Powered Toyota FT-86

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A little while ago Fredric Aasbo posted this jewel on YouTube. although it’s not long it sounds pretty sick.