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NASCAR V8 Powered FR-S Heading to Formula D Asia

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So after the 2012 Formula D season it was said that RS-R would not be returning to Formula D, I guess that meant just to the US Formula D because yesterday Fredric Aasbo Instagrammed that he was at Suzuki Twin Circuit in Japan testing RS-R’s latest creation a Toyota TRD NASCAR V8 powered Scion FR-S for the Formula D Asia season. He will be sharing this car with Max Orido for the Asia series. The car is stated to put out 700+hp. This should be crazy to see sideways given the power to weight….

Scion FR-S / Toyota FT-86 Convertible Spotted in South Africa

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A member of spotted this Scion FR-S/Toyota FT-86 down in Cape Town, South Africa. Toyota was just recently teasing the ‘possibility’ of an unveiling of a FT Open within the next month and now this. Doesn’t look too shabby, with the popularity of the FR-S/BRZ in Formula D is it possible we may get some more verts back in the lineup?

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer Finally Hits Us

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So not a lot has been happening with the Fast & Furious 6 news and leaks prior to the big news that the first trailer for the new movie would hit during the Super Bowl (Trailer at bottom of post). I did search around last week to try to find some cars and pictures and do some research of what we might see prior to the Super Bowl, but I wanted to get some more information before I talked about it here. I read that the Fast & Furious franchise is being taken in a new direction, using Fast 5 as the bridge for this transition, into more of a Heist type movie (sort of like Italian Job). I also read that the plot of the movie and the only way to get Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson)┬áto work with the team was to make the team into good guys. The team will be helping Hobbs in return for the only thing they don’t have, now that they each have 10+ million each, pardons and the ability to return home to the US. From random pictures posted by fans at shoots and tweeted by the stars as they shoot the film alone we have Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) in his custom International based tank truck. We also see two Lotus’ with unknown drivers (My money is on the newer Evora being driven by Gisele Harabo (Gal Gadot) based on the Techart 911 she previously drove), an Orange CCX, a Noble, 2 RX-7s (one of which looks extremely similar to the Veilside one they used in Tokyo Drift), a white Supra, a newer Mustang GT350 and a BRZ. We also have seen from some leaked footage from a london chase scene that shows them tooling around in some BMWs Also seen in leaked footage, and confirmed in the trailer we see a Jenson Interceptor, along with a Dodge Charger Daytona (which had been shown in many photos even before the trailer) with Dom (Vin Diesel) in the driver’s seat, an Escort MKI, and an old classic Mustang. However the new information from the Trailer makes it look like Letty is the one driving the Jenson. We have also seen the previous Dodge Charger SRT8 and Nissan GT-R that Dom and Brian (Paul Walker) are in at the end of the Fast5 movie. They will most likely returning for the intro of the movie. The last set of photos looks to be set in front of Dom and Letty’s old home, which is now surrounded by highly tuned cars. Judging by the fact the team can’t currently return home I lean toward the idea of this being at the end of the movie where they are likely having an old fashion Toretto BBQ. Now again taking guesses based on photos alone this is who I expect to be driving what: The Blue Ben-Sopra GT-R is obviously driven by Brian, the black Cuda driven by Dom, the silver Bel-Air(?) by Tej Parker (Ludacris), the Yellow Lambo by Roman Pearce (Tyrese), The Orange Camaro is driven by Han( Sung Kang)[this is based on the Han driving more muscle cars when he hung with Dom combined with the paint scheme that is very reminiscent of the Veilside RX-7], and the Fisker Karma driven by Gisele. So those are my guesses from pictures. We also see a Lancia and some other cars in the trailer, but I’ll leave something for you to watch… so without further adieu….

Forza Horizon Release It’s 3rd Monthly DLC Car Pack

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If you are here then you obviously love cars, even virtual ones. So on an unrelated note Forza Horizen released it’s 3rd monthly DLC car pack for February. I’m not as excited about this one as some of the others, but it does have an old Datsun 510 and a Mazda RX3. Other than that we already got an FR-S and enough higher end sports cars. However if like me you also have the season pass then you are sorta getting it for free, and you do actually get a free Devon GTX GT3 which is actually pretty awesome. So touch your power button and head to the marketplace for your car pack.

Tony Angelo Salvages Sandy Struck FR-S to Build for 2013 Season

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It looks like some big news yesterday and today for Tangelo Racing. Yesterday Tony announced the purchase of a new permanent home for Tangelo Racing that includes 7 bays and 4 lifts. And the even bigger news was that today he announced that he will be building a Scion FR-S for the 2013 season. Another thing that makes his FR-S special is that it is a salvage from Hurricane Sandy. He also hashtagged it saying 800hp so let’s wait and see what he has in store for this puppy. So far this is the 3rd official announcement of a driver to be using a BRZ/FR-S in the 2013 season. It’s also good to note that after his less than stellar return year to FD that it looks like Scion Racing is keeping him on board.