Matt Powers Announces New Engine and Partner For 2013

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Moments ago Matt Powers announced that he will be running a new engine provided by his new sponsor Katech Performance. He will be running Katech’s Time Attack 463 7.6L v8 that produces over 700hp (specs below).
Bore: 4.165”
Stroke: 4.250”
Displacement: 463ci/7.6L
Horsepower: 700
Torque: 650
Redline: 7000RPM
CR: 13.0:1
Block: RHS aluminum, billet main caps, ARP studs, piston squirters
Crankshaft: 4340 forged steel with ATI damper
Connecting rods: Forged H-beam steel
Pistons: 2618 forged aluminum, hardcoat anodized, skirt coating, gas porting and DLC-coated pins
Camshaft: Katech Track Attack 472 spec
Cylinder heads: CNC-ported LS7 with bronze valve guides, ARP studs
Valves: Katech titanium/molybdenum intake, hollow sodium-filled exhaust
Induction: FAST LSXR 102mm
Oiling system: ARE or Dailey 5 stage