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Taylor Morris, The Drifting Quad Amputee

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So without doubt if you are here you’ve seen the video of Taylor Morris, the Navy officer who served in Afganistan and due to an IED was made a quad amputee drifting a Mazda 6. If not check it here:

Either way his goal with the video and internet campaign was to get a ride along with Ken Block, and today Ken responded on Facebook offering to take him along when he practices for the 100 Acre Woods Rally in late Feb, here’s the post he put up today.


Help Jeremy Lowe in the Champion ‘Search for a Champion’

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In the 2012 Formula Drift season Rookie driver Jeremy Lowe was able to propel himself and his 1986 Mazda FC RX-7 into all 7 Formula D events with just himself, his dad and a friend and still managed to perform and finish as the 3rd overall Rookie in Formula D. Here’s a recap video of Jeremy’s 2012 season

Now Jeremy has entered into Champion’s ‘Search for a Champion’ to help himself fund the 2013 season and focus on driving and his performance rather than getting to the events, you can visit his contest page here to vote for him and see if you can give this young and upcoming driver a better chance next season